Paper & Presentation

Please submit the abstract/synopsis in Chinese or English (within 500 words) before October 31, 2016 to:

Contact: Ms. Peng, Lin (Christina)

Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry

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Please offer the authors’ name and affiliation (including company, title/position, phone, fax and E-mail).

The Organizer will inform whether the paper is accepted before Nov. 15, 2016.

PPT format is refused to be delivered as articles.

The Deadline of Sending Proposed Presentation PPT is June 30, 2017.


The authors should submit the papers in English version; the Organizer will arrange to translate it into Chinese. Chinese authors should submit the papers both in English and Chinese Version.

Congress Proceeding

Please send the whole papers/articles expected printed in Congress Proceeding, at Microsoft Word format by Email or disc/USB flash Drives before June 30, 2017. Please note that the pictures in papers/articles must be supplied with separate file with the pixel of 300DPI.

Topics Content

  1. Forging Industry Overview
  2. Forging Material
  3. Forging Process
  4. Forging Die Manufacturing and Application
  5. CAD/CAM and Process Simulation, and Other Computer Aided System(ERP/MES)
  6. Quality Control and Test & Inspection
  7. Heating and Heat Treatment, Energy Saving and Material Saving
  8. Forging Lubrication
  9. Forging Automation, informatization and Intelligent
  10. Cyber-physical Systems, Big Data
  11. Forging Lightweight
  12. Standards and Globalization
  13. Forging Market and Market Rules
  14. Customer and Supplier
  15. Production Efficiency, Management and Administration
  16. Human Resources
  17. Environmental Protection
  18. Forging Equipment

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